Meet Me!!!

For the student blogging challenge, we had to create a blog avatar. This means whenever I comment you will see a little face that represents me. It represents me because it is what I look like.

I have brown hair (with a touch of dark red); big, brown eyes and my ears are pierced. I chose a blue background because blue is my favourite colour, especially aqua. Usually though, my hair is up in a pony tail, not out. Most of the time I wear a school uniform or a gymnastics leotard but when I do get to wear normal clothes it is usually a Julius the monkey t-shirt, leggings and jean shorts. When it is colder, I wear a long sleeve shirt, jeans and a jacket. It may be a little bit boring but it is what I like.

 My avatar looks like me, as I described before, but I do think it is a little boring and unattractive. I am not boring (at least I don’t think so). I do various interesting activities like gymnastics, dance and flute and I would like to do interesting things when I am older. I love going to parties, especially sleepovers. When we are meant to be sleeping, I talk and talk some more. Isn’t that the purpose of a sleepover???

My avatar’s personality is happy, outgoing and curious, just like me. I love having fun, laughing and doing activities, just like my avatar would if she was real.


This is part of the student blogging challenge

5 thoughts on “Meet Me!!!

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  2. Hello Caz,

    My name is Jason Jackson. I am a student at the University of South Alabama and I am a part of the EDM310 class which introduces me to students like yourself. You have a nice avatar and a very interesting blog post. No one that reads this post would think you are boring. You use a great choice of words. I can tell you are a really smart person. Good job!

  3. Hey Caz! I love your post! I wish i had an avatar.:P I am almost just like you. I have big dark brown eyes with long eyelashes and a smily mouth.:D My hair is brown with a hint of dark red too. I have pierced ears and I do flute, travel soccer, and Irish dance. I usually wear my hair down though.:( I wish I could do Gymnastics! I used too but then I think I did something something else.:| Now I want to do Gymnastics! What is your favorite pair of earrings… oh and do you wear dangles or hoops? Keep up the awesome posts cause I really like them! GGabby G 🙂

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