100 Word Challenge number………4ish?

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This week, I am back to writing 100 challenges, for now anyway. Before I start I would just like to say….I got showcased!!!! I am really excited. Thank you for choosing my entry over the other like….600. Anyway, this week the prompt was ‘all I could see were two red eyes’. At first, I thought that I would do something about a monster until, as I usually do, I thought I would do something different, something unusual. So that is how I ended up writing this- drum roll please…….

All I could see were two red eyes… all my hard work; WASTED. As I was crying, I heard footsteps. I covered my face and stared at the table. I heard the fridge open and a plate being put on the table. I heard a crunching sound; the sound of gingerbread being eaten. I looked up in confusion; my gingerbread man was on the floor. How could it be getting eaten? I looked back at the eyes on the floor; I am sure they moved from before. And were they glowing? These were not the two red eyes I remember seeing before.

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Pit Clean out!!!!

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Recently, I have been writing 100 Word Challenges. I am still writing them but I am writing a different pot this time (as you may have figured out by the title). As you probably can already tell, this post is about a pit clean out. This may not sound very fun but, mind you, it was!

Firstly, by ‘pit’ I mean a giant hole in the ground filled with blocks of squishy foam. They are used in gymnastics as it doesn’t hurt if you fall in foam. Secondly, by clean out I mean doing something like this. Putting foam on a parachute and lifting it out of the ‘hole’. Then, the parents (yes, they were there too) sorted it. It also involved, trying to dance while knee high in foam, jumping in the pit, looking for valuable items in the foam, looking for non valuable items in the foam, looking for rats and spiders (we found none, phew) and running randomly around the gym. As you can tell, it was actually pretty full on (if I do say so myself).

The pit itself was really deceptive. It looked big but…we didn’t realised how much foam actually fits in there. The photo below, yep; see that, that is around 1/3 of the foam! It was about reached out our waist as well as covering the whole gym floor, vault strip and boys area. I soon realised (while playing and dancing in foam) that many things in life are deceptive. An example I automatically thought of was in big projects. Normally, they are due in a long time so, I forget about them Until (dun dun duhhhhhhh) it is due in a few days. This reminded me of the foam pit.

During pit clean out, we found some pretty cool things including a wallet, a lot of socks, quite a bit of money and valuable looking bits of jewelry! I definitely wouldn’t be happy if I lost my wallet in a giant pit full of foam!

I think one of the best parts was actually after it was done. The day after it was more full than normal and more…squishy. You could be neck height in foam in a matter of seconds. There was also a lot less dust making it easier to use and I thought there weren’t as many gross things in there. Plus, we got free pizza at 7pm!

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100 Word Challenge (again)

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Guess what, its another 100 word challenge. This time the prompt was…what is that? Very opened ended (again). To see more about the 100 Word challenge either see my previous posts or look at the 100 Word Challenge website, you could even sign up yourself! Anyway, here is my entry.

“Welcome back to ‘What is That?’ with your host Kawasaki! The score is 34 to Hisami and 35 to Tim, it is anyone’s game! Now, for the final challenge the category will be…FOOOOD!” I suddenly stopped listening. Food. Couldn’t they have picked anything else? At least I am one point ahead. My thoughts were interrupted by the smell of rotten fish. I looked down at my bench to see a plate full of goop and slush these locals called food. What happened to lamb on the
barbie? What is that I wondered? I guess I’ll soon find out. “Start eating”!

I hope you like it. The red Japanese writing at the top means ‘What is That?’. Just telling you!

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100 Word Challenge Week 5


This is my third 100 word challenge post (if your getting confused about the ‘week five’, I missed a few). Before I start this entry, I want to tell you that my last post on the 100 word challenge got a shout out!!! Thank you for everyone that visiting and commenting on that post. Also, thank you for all the praise. Anyway, this weeks prompt was another mini sentence we had to put in our story somewhere. It was…the temperature suddenly dropped and….pretty open ended. Here is what I wrote about.

The temperature suddenly dropped and all I could think is this isn’t like home. At home, everything is hot- the air, wind and ground; it’s all hot.  I quickly pulled my jacket tighter getting some strange looks from the locals. I walked around and saw how clean and shiny everything looked, the buildings, the ground and people. They were all dressed oddly and eating clean looking food, where are the flies? I am not used to this, I’m only nine years old and I am scared. I know I’m not in Africa anymore. I turn and smile shyly, tilt my head “mum”?

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100 word challenge #2

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As you may have know, I am participating in something called the 100 Word challenge. The website to enter for the competition is here and the previous post I did for it is here. Anyway, now for the entry this week. This week, the prompt (idea, starting sentence, words that must be included etc) was a picture. It is shown on the right. So, looking at this picture we had to write a story in 100 words involving the picture in anyway.  This might sound easy but writing a story in 100 words that is interesting it  very hard; before you know it your already at 200! Anyhow, here is my entry…

I was walking around when a heard the sound of metal moving. Soon after, I heard it again. I looked up and saw my car but; it didn’t look quite like a remembered. The vehicle had stretched so it was now very tall and skinny. It also had changed shape to slightly resembling a human. The windows moved up to form the ‘eyes, the steering wheel the ‘mouth’ and the doors the ‘arms and legs’. It was all very strange. I ran over to the nearest man to ask what was happening. He said “the Changing is happening…..beware”.

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39 Blue Bananas

39 Blue Bananas

Hey people who visit my blog,

I was thinking in class and randomly I thought of the phrase “39 Blue Bananas”. I know; random. Anyhow, I was wondering later on in the day what does 39 blue bananas actually mean? I was thinking for a while and couldn’t think of anything (except for a picture of 39 blue bananas, I didn’t really accept that). I need to think of a creative way to view, use or think about this phrase!!!

This is where you come to play. Your job is to think about what 39 blue bananas could be. Think of what it looks like, use or view this. You could write a story, description or anything you want (pictures would be appreciated 🙂 ). The most creative ones will be put on another post of my blog. Do anything that you want…the world is in your hands. Please somehow tell me (a comment would be most suited) what you think or want.

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P.S Idea from Esha

The 100 Word Challenge… Week 1

Hey guys,

At school, we are doing something called the 100 word challenge. Being in this challenge means that every week or so, you are given an idea or starting sentence and you must write 100 words about it. It is all about chossing the right words and language to improve your writing. If you find this too hard, they aslo have the 5 sentence challenge for younger writers. mI encourage you to sign up! This week the promt (starting sentence) was…looking behind me I saw. This is very open ended and left me with a lot to think about. Anyhow, here is my entry…

Looking behind me I saw the oddest creatures, a man with no arms and a scar down the side of his face. With him, a vampire with blood dripping from his mouth and a goblin with bright green skin. Around the corner, I spy a witch with straggly, black hair cackling loudly. A lady bug and a bumble bee skip gaily in front of her. I don’t run away, I don’t scream. I don’t even flinch at the sight. Suddenly, I hear the beep of my watch and know that sadly it’s time to go home. Halloween festivities are over for another year.

 I hope you enjoyed my story. What did you like best? What did you like the least? What would have you have written about? What would your story be/what is it? (optional). Answerthese questions by commenting.

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This was for the 100 word challenge

IPSHA athletics


 Hey everyone!

Firstly, I want to apologise that I haven’t been posting very often this year, it has been a jam packed year!

So… today many girls from my school (including myself) went to the IPSHA athletics carnival. IPSHA is the level higher than school carnivals so you compete against other schools. Some schools go to zone or cluster which basically are the same thing as IPSHA. It is lots of fun and you get to see so many awesome athletes who are amazing!

Unfortunately, to get to IPSHA, we had to be a at school before 6:30!! This means getting up around 5:30am. It was freezing at this time of day and I am not a morning person. Once we got to IPSHA, we did a warm up and the first event started at 8:20ish. Obviously, no one can be in every event so there was a lot of sitting, cheering and talking happening through out the day. I did one event which meant I did little actual exercise . I got to miss a whole day of school though….to jump over a pole six times!!!

Roseville came out with some great results. We got lots of ribbons and some of us are even one of the 52 people going to CIS (the next level/regionals/Mackillop)! For me, I’m not going anywhere else but I beat my personal best and tried my hardest. Plus..it was a fun day. 

I can’t believe I got to experience IPSHA athletics, it was so much fun, not to mention nerve wracking as well. We even got to compete where the Olympians competed in Sydney 2000 Olympic games!

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Attributes: http://www.sportsliterature.blogspot.com.au/


50 Places to go before you die!!!

Hi everyone who is cool enough to read my blog,

Firstly… I have more than 2000 visitors! Thannks to everyone who has visited, commented and subscribed to my blog, I really appreciate it. Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while but I have been having a really busy year.

Anyway, back to the post. Here is a link to a website with 50 Places you must see before you die. I have been to 4, how many have you been to? One of them is the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland. This happens to be where my family and I went a few weeks ago.  It was just absolutely amazing.

Firstly, it was 30 degrees (around 85 degrees) everyday! And, it was winter, can you imagine summer? We went either to the beach and/or the pool everyday,  we needed to otherwise we wouldn’t have survived. There was an endless amount of things to do here and I only did a few. We saw the Daintree Rainforest which was filled with animals and plants. The best (or different) 3 things I think we did were…in no particular order Cane toad racing, mud biking and snorkeling!

 Activity 1- cane toad racing
This activity sounds very weird, and it was. It was at a pub and after dinner every night, they had cane toad racing. Cane toad racing is very simple. Six or so people pick a toad that they want to race and try to make it reach the finish line first. It isn’t just picking a toad and watching though, there is so much more to it.  Firstly, only 12 people get to race during one night so being picked is quite hard. I did get picked for the second race (thank god). You then get your toad and learn it’s name. Mine’s was Aussie Aussie Aussie and he was the best toad there. You then show you love him by kissing the toad. Yes, you have to kiss it and it didn’t turn into a prince 🙁 Aussie Aussie Aussie was different though. I still had to kiss him (EWWWWW- it was gross) but I also  got to hold him up and shout to the entire restaurant. It was very funny according to me and everyone else who was there. You then got your whip (a party blower) and made your toad get to the finish line first (off the table). I came second which is good but sad as first got a trip to the reef and a voucher for another tour. I only got a FAKE tattoo (it was only that or a beer -take your pick). This was very different and a great experience.

Activity 2- mud biking
This is not BMX but mud biking. You see, the difference is that we were in modified military tanks not bikes. Unfortunately, only adults got to drive but I still loved it. You drive around a marked mud track filled with obstacles, swamps,dirt and anything that could make you muddy. You can also do donuts and figure eights in random bits of free space. It was TONS of fun…until my dad broke one of our two tanky things. So, we were down one vehicle and still had to drive to get back to where we parked the car. I ended up taking a quad bike back that got me muddier that before (if that was possible). Mud biking was a very different and awesome activity that I would never do it Sydney.

Activity 3- snorkeling
Here it is, the big activity that this post is all about. The one that you have to do before you die. The one that changed my life (okay, it didn’t really do that but you get the point). Snorkeling or diving at the Great Barrier Reef is absolutely amazing. You see tons of colorful fish and awesome coral formations. You go out on a boat and basically, it is your home for the day complete with hot showers, a buffet lunch and of course, a chance to swim with the fishys! You snorkel and dive off the boat and are in the water for about an hour. We had three chances to dive and you saw different things at each sight. They give the snorkelers flotation devices (pool noodles) and a mask, snorkel and flippers if you need it. Then you were free to swim around here ever you wanted for an hour. It was perfect…except for one slight problem. The water was really cold and only the divers got wetsuits. How could they forget about the snorkelers, we get cold too! Other than that, it was perfect. We saw big fish, little fish, schools of fish with like, 1000 in each school, brain coral (yes, that is it’s real name), other coral and even a shark. Snorkeling was awesome and I definitely think it deserved it’s place on the list.

So, how many places have you been to? If you had more that one, what was your favourite and why?  Comment to answer.

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Vivid Sydney!!!

Hey people who are awesome enough to read my blog,

Firstly, one of my really good friends just got a blog and really wants some comments. I think she would really appreciate it if some of you visited and commented on her blog- Emma’s blog

Anyway, along with many of my friends, I went to Vivid Sydney light festival a few days ago. It was a very interesting journey. Firstly, it took us 1 1/2 ours to park the car!!! We were tempted not to get out and to go straight home but when we found a parking spot (and walked for around 30 minutes), we figured out it was totally worth it. The day was gross, raining and cold and really crowded, you could barely move in some parts but it didn’t spoil the fun.

Vivid Sydney is a light festival with many amazing light exhibits. Some were interactive and some you just looked at. It is at the city going from the Opera House down to Walsh Bay. The lights were AMAZING. It was an amazing experience and even without vivid, I love seeing the city at night. Some of the exhibits were a massive chandelier, a interactive tic tac toe board, a 3D light show on Customs House and the Opera House. I think they were my favourites. We went as a family and it was definite bonding time. I would love to go again but unfortunately, I closed today 🙁

A bit off the topic, here in Sydney we also get Monday off school (YAY). It is for the Queen’s birthday even though her birthday is in April. It isn’t a public holiday in England where she lives but it is here (strange but very good). Unfortunately, the weather has been gross ( a bit like England hehehe)  but we have still had tons of fun. Vivid was an ultimate highlight.

Have you ever been to vivid? If so how did you like it? If not then would you like to go? Comment to answer!
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http://www.shorttraveltips.com/whats-on-in-sydney-in-june/-poofy lights
Can’t find one for Opera House….sorry whoever’s photo it is.